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How Does KDP Plus Work?

KPD Plus is a web based program that takes the complicated, hard to read sales spreadsheets Amazon automatically generates for you every month and turns them into clean, easy to understand graphs like these!

To get started, log in to your KDP account and go to Reports > Prior Months Royalties (right column, second from the top in the box at the beginning of your Reports page, as shown below).

There, you will see a list of monthly KDP Transaction Reports. Click on the months you want to generate graphs for and download the .xls spreadsheets to your computer. These are the files you're going to upload, so be sure to save them somewhere you can easily find them!

Once you have the files you want, upload them using the form below and click the orange "Generate Graphs!" button. This will automatically turn your spreadsheets into graphs showing how many books you've sold each month at what prices, how many free books you've given away vs borrows and sales, books sold by country, and, if you uploaded every file Amazon has ever generated for you, even your total number of books sold per title!

And that's how it works!

The best way to see this program in action is to just upload a file and try it out for yourself. There is no limit to how many KDP Transaction Reports you can upload. If you want to see graphs for you entire career going all the way back to when Kindle started in 2007, we can do that for you! And remember: this site keeps no data. Uploaded files are automatically deleted every half hour for your security, so upload whatever you like!

KDP Plus Beta Notice

While we hope you enjoy using KDP Plus, please remember that this project is a labor of love by two people and is still in beta. This means there will be bugs. If something goes wrong, don't panic! Just let us know via our contact form so we can fix the problem and make KDP Plus better for everyone.

Thank you for your input and we hope KDP Plus makes your life better!


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